WV State Fair Market Steer & Market Heifer tagging

1. Send your name, phone and email address to the Extension Office, along with the number and type of animal you will be tagging no later than April 1. Exhibitors are limited to three (3) animals, one of which must be of a different sex.

2. 4-H exhibitors will be notified when their tags are available for pick up. Members will sign the tagging sheet, indicating they have picked up their tags.

3. They must then return to the Extension Office two pictures of their animal. One picture will show the visual tag in the animal and the other should show the RFID tag in the animal. They will need to sign once again indicating that they delivered their pictures, thus completing the process.

4. Pictures must be returned to the Extension Office by March 15.

State 4-H Events

State Fair Tags
Market Hogs, Goats, Lambs

Exhibitors who plan to show market hogs, goats and/or lambs at the 2017 State Fair need to email Suzanne at the Extension Office no later then end of business day Monday May 15.

State 4-H Events

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